Freedom Trucking is an equal opportunity employer. However, we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the group at any time for whatever reason pertaining to rule violations or conflicts created within the group.

Requirements to join our growing team:

  1. Must be 21 years of age.
  2. Must have a steam account.
  3. Must be a follower of the Freedom Trucking Twitch channel. When leaving resume on website, must leave your Twitch username so we can verify the follow.
  4. Must have a world of trucks account.
  5. Must have TruckersMP. **Must follow any/all rules & regulations of TruckersMP**
  6. Must have high-speed internet…….. No exceptions (excessive lagging/rubber banding just makes it rough on everyone’s enjoyment of the game/convoy).
  7. Must be mature, ethical, professional, and respectful to other multi-player drivers, co-workers and guests. Rude conduct, harassment of any kind, or racism towards anyone will not be tolerated. Violations will be addressed promptly and could result in termination.
  8. Must have experience with ATS, ETS 2, or driving trucks in the real world.
  9. Must be respectful of the management team as they are there to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone while promoting the development of the team/company.
  10. We all know truckers can have a potty mouth, but we must try to keep swearing down to a minimum. There may be video recording in progress and such videos could be made public. We shall refrain from any obnoxious behavior, crude language, offensive terms, or harassment towards or in the presence of anyone. Habitual offenders will be asked to leave the group.
  11. Must have a mic for communication with the other team members. When multiplayer trucking with company members, CB must be turned on company channel 13. Please keep CB/mic chatter to a minimum during video recording.
  12. Date, time, and location of group convoys will be posted in group. Must show up with a load going towards the destination chosen by management and truck must be fueled, ready to go. Convoys will be leaving at the designated time, be there or catch up……. No exceptions!!!! Official convoys are for Freedom Trucking drivers and special guests only!!
  13. Driver Status
    After a qualifying probationary period, drivers will be voted into full membership based on attendance, group assimilation, attitude & driver skills.
  14. Streaming Policy
    There will be no recording/streaming of our convoys/game-play or posting videos without expressed permission Freedom Trucking management (no exceptions)!!!

Happy Trucking!!

If you meet our requirements, please head over to our website and submit a application team. If you have any questions, we may be reached via email: or Facebook:Freedom Trucking

From the Management Team of Freedom Trucking!

Application Form

Recruitment Form

Recruit Program

Freedom Trucking Recruit Program consist of a probationary period of 90 days based on activity. All new members of the community will go through this program. We are looking for how often you come on to Discord and attend company events. We ask that you try your best to avoid conflict or getting banned in TruckersMP. We ask that you contact our Road Supervisors and have them run with you.